Communications & Collaborations

As leading think tank in financial inclusion, CAFI is committed to building a credible and influential platform for communications and collaborations among the industry, government, and academia. Through types of events, including forums, seminars, and closed-door events, among other activities, CAFI creates opportunities of exchanges, dialogues, and cooperation for financial inclusion stakeholders, including public authorities, associations, for-profit organizations, academic institutions, and leading international financial inclusion institutions and organizations, and to jointly boost the practices and progress of worldwide financial inclusion.

  • Annual Forum
    The Forum engages representatives from public authorities, industry leaders, academia, and other stakeholders of financial inclusion in discussions on the year's key issues and/or cutting-edge topics, aiming at leading the development and progress of financial inclusion. The International Forum for China Financial Inclusion (IFCFI) is currently widely acclaimed as among the highest-level, most professionally excellent, and most influential annual gatherings in the financial inclusion sphere.
  • Special-Interest Activities
    In sync with policy trends and dynamics of the industry, regulatory bodies, trade associations, local government, private, and other financial inclusion stakeholders, are involved, via forums, seminars, closed-door conferences, symposiums, and a variety of other activities, in exchanges and discussions on topics surrounding financial inclusion. The consensus and other outcome of such activities are shared with relevant public authorities and regulatory agencies governing financial inclusion.
  • International Outreach
    In collaboration with the key stakeholders from financial inclusion industry, CAFI organizes international research, exchange, and cooperation programs that are intended to facilitate communications and collaborations in the field of financial inclusion among the international community, and to promote the knowledge sharing agenda regarding financial inclusion development.